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Premium IV Infusion Therapy in Mumbai | Myrah Spa

Immuno Booster

People often think about their immune system only when dealing with a cold or flu, not realising that it tirelessly works behind the scenes to protect their health. Essential nutrients like glutathione, vitamin C, and vitamin B complex support this defence system.

Every time you eat, your immune system vigilantly evaluates potential hazards. Each minor injury or scrape activates your immune system to repel threats and promote speedy healing. In short, it never rests.

Fat Burner Infusion

Our meticulously designed Fat Burner supplement is formulated to effectively assist individuals in shedding excess fat. It actively accelerates weight loss by leveraging a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. When paired with a personalised exercise and diet plan, our Fat Burner not only aids in reducing fat but also provides a significant boost of energy, empowering you on your weight loss journey.

Insta Glow Infusion

Insta Glow IV therapy offers a remarkable solution for a radiant and youthful complexion with numerous health benefits. This transformative therapy utilises a synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, including Glutathione, to target toxins and free radicals, rejuvenating the body from within and promoting a healthy, glowing appearance.

This therapy effectively evens skin tone, enhancing the complexion for a more uniform and radiant look. It also boosts energy by infusing essential nutrients and antioxidants, revitalising the body and promoting overall vitality.

Athletic Recovery Boost Infusion

Our Athletic Recovery Boost IV therapy is a carefully designed solution to enhance performance and speed up recovery after rigorous athletic training. It provides vital hydration, essential nutrients, and electrolytes, making it suitable for a wide audience, from marathon runners to anyone needing a hydration boost during tough workouts.

One of the main benefits of our therapy is its ability to recharge energy levels. Infusing your body with essential nutrients helps rejuvenate your energy, making you feel lively again after demanding exercise sessions.

Nutri Youth Anti-Ageing

Over time, our skin encounters changes that are more than just surface-level marks or fine lines. These subtle transformations often stem from deeper cellular changes due to free radicals.

Our Nutri Youth Anti-Ageing IV is designed with care, utilising powerful ingredients like glutathione, celebrated as a top-tier antioxidant, to address these challenges.

Hair Fall Defense

Our intake of essential vitamins deeply influences hair health. Deficiencies can slow hair growth and lead to thinning.

Our Hair Fall Defense IV Therapy addresses this concern head-on. Through an IV drip, it directly infuses a tailored blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants into the bloodstream. This ensures maximum absorption and supports vibrant hair health.