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A face that reminds one of the beautiful full moon!

Since ages, romantics compared the face of their beloved to the full moon in all its glory. The Whitess Facial makes that real, through special treatments that impart gloss, sheen, and radiance to your facial skin. It has anti-ageing properties and gives your facial skin an appealing youthful and healthy appearance.

Whitess Facial

( 60 minutes )

What happens during a Whitess Facial?

The Whitess Facial includes a series of regimens including face cleansing, facial toning, exfoliation, steam/extraction, a functional mask – in this case, a White Moon mask, pressure point massage, lymphatic drainage massage and a special massage.

Benefits of a Whitess Facial

Glowing skin with an even tone that will turn even a skeptic into a romantic, and give your face that “luminous” glow. It leaves your skin luminous with even colouring.

Best use for a Whitess Facial

The Whitess Facial is ideal for any special occasion where you want to make a great impact on the audience or on your significant other.


Whitess depigmentant cream
M.R.P.  3085
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