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Setting the benchmark for excellence in spa experiences

Myrah Spa is the place where the Who’s Who of Mumbai visit when they want to relax, re-align and re-energise themselves. The Spa offers a plethora of experiences that are designed to leave you with a sense of lasting wellness.

For many thousands of ‘regulars’ who swear by our massage, skin and other regimens, it is part of their periodic health and wellness regimen that give them that extra edge.

Myrah in ancient latin means fragrance and in greek it is the aromatic flower.


Designed to excel, geared to regale your senses

Myrah Spa is a luxury destination where no effort is spared to regale the senses – the sights, the aromas, the textures, and the atmospherics are all designed with the singular purpose of soothing, and nurturing your body and mind into a sense of wellbeing. Our staff is some of the best in the industry, and they are wizards in the art of rejuvenation.

Approach to our practice

Therapies customised to individual needs

At Myrah Spa, we are guided by our concern for the individual, and hence, we consistently customise our treatment according to the needs of our client at that particular time. Naturally, no two experiences at the Spa will ever be the same, though the end results will be similar.

Our association with various medical and therapy experts enables us to train our practitioners with the techniques, and skill sets that will deliver an authentic experience. Our prenatal massage therapists are trained under the guidance of one of the leading OB-GYN Doctors. We also have on board specialist experts who train our therapists to deliver Thai and Lymphatic massages.

We are also very selective in the products that we use to deliver our experiences, and they are world-class quality.


Honoured by awards, humbled by rewards

Myrah’s benchmark of excellence has been repeatedly recognised by the industry. Yet, we always believe that our biggest reward is that of a smile on the face of a satisfied customer.

Awards we have won include:

  • Winner of the Indira Awards for Marketing Excellence in the category of Brand Leadership In Health Care in the year 2009
  • Winner of the 2010 Gold Award for “Best Pampering for Mum’s to be” by Mother & Baby- India’s #1 magazine for Pregnancy and Parenting.
  • The Best Day Spa at the Vogue Beauty Awards 2011.
  • The Best Day Spa - Marine Drive branch at the Asia Spa awards 2015.
  • The Best Day Spa at the Global Spa Awards, 2018.

Myrah Spa Juhu & Marine Drive

"Myrah" a luxurious destination day spa in Mumbai is nestled cosily in the lazy suburbs of the very upmarket Juhu. One is immediately transported into a space of relaxing beauty, energy and divine calm. Myrah is not just another spa but a haven where we cater to the outer wellbeing of an individual which is as important as a calm inner state.

The design of the Myrah Spa in South Mumbai was highly influenced by European architecture. An existing art deco building located on the bay of Marine Drive, the interiors were inspired by many decorative elements to make a fusion resulting in an elegant eclectic style, with hints of local art, mosaic details inspired from an existing siren sculpture in the Bay Area and from Spanish tiles to accentuate interior details in the walls and floors of the Spa .

The main focus and concern was to give the users an oasis of relaxation, and forget about the daily chores and stress that people experience day-by-day in this important metropolis.

The tall vaulted ceilings, intersecting domes also allows for playful lighting and acoustics, to be complemented, we focussed all the interior designs in order to create sensations of wellness, health, joy and peace giving the space a much better ambience and comfortable feeling. Each massage rooms are with steam shower with beautiful mosaic finish, each equipped with waterfall showers in combination with body jets. Our sound system is the latest in technology as you can select different music moods of your choice while having your massage.

In the couple room, one can experience a romantic spa therapy as we have integrated a full-size tub for hydrotherapy like our Rose salt bath & Vino therapy, adding to this is our lighting system which has different mood scenarios to select.

The lounge area for the clients to prepare before their service, here is where the "pampering“ begins with high-end furniture for maximum relaxation, earthly colours and smooth touch have been selected for this room.

Our main lobby has been carefully designed with unique marble flooring with onyx inlays which has been chosen to give the area a unique high-end look.

Detailed description

Spanish tiles

The tiles on the wall are inspired from the Turkish spa bath. These tiles have more modern relevance... The faces of the ladies on the tiles represent beauty / skin etc. and also a kind of empowerment and a movement (Myrah is a women-run enterprise empowering women)... all the pictures of the ladies on the tiles show great level of confidence. To break the monotony, we have red design coloured tiles in it. The lounge and the walkway have these tiles on the wall trying to recreate the experience and feel of ancient Roman / Turkish spa bath in a more modern way / style ...

Wood flooring

The floor is pure oak wood; the twist in the grey veins which complement the doors / walls, which are light, grey... The finish is natural and appropriate to a spa-pure and unadulterated; forest like ... the designer took the elements of the forest / woods to give a relaxing feel to the customer.

Cozy carpets

The carpets are deep colour and of wool and tribal design compliment the floor, thus increasing the warmth of the place... The tribal design is simple yet intriguing and along with the wood it's like travelling into time where everything on the planet was unadulterated like our treatment programmes.

Art & culture

The pictures of Monica Lozano is a reminder of today's struggle in a more delicate yet with a hard-hitting message... The designer felt it was important to capture today's time and era on the walls and what better way than putting these pictures. While the design was being made, this planet witnessed an exodus from the Middle East to Europe. Monica's work captured the similar struggle of immigrants from Mexico to the US.

The works of Milburn Cherian who is the only artist who was inspired by Perter Breigul adds fun and humour and gives a feel of a fantasyland.

The lounge has seats handcrafted with pure Nappa leather for extra comfort.


All the lights in the ceiling has an inspiration captured from the universe / solar system thus creating a heavenly feel... the first picture is that of a black hole and the lounge and treatment rooms have this light... the ceiling of the rooms are like a sky in the night when you can see all the stars clearly; no clouds to cover or hide the star; pure and unpolluted... these lights blink to create a feel of the heavens...

The shower led lights and mood lights give a feel of luxury and total relaxation... the folded red light in the small niche is inspired from a wormhole (again a phenomena seen in the universe).

The red concentric circle hanging light which illuminates both the passages shows the orbiting of the planets around the sun; an addition to the concept of heavens...

All the elements and our treatment programmes transports you to the exterior is an effort to recreate the feel of Europe.


Ms. Nisha Javeri is amongst the new crop of distinctive individuals who is not just a connoisseur of the finer things but also an individual who is a firm believer in wellness and beauty inside out. She is the dynamic entrepreneur behind MYRAH.

Her passion for healthy living coupled with her passion for luxurious tastes drove her to travel and this in turn put her in sync with her own personal destiny. She soon realised the importance of spas and to further her knowledge about them, she began to visit and experience some of the best spas around the globe.

She finally decided that the very fast and very stressful city of Mumbai had a definite need for a standalone luxurious day spa and thus came into being - MYRAH.

For her, MYRAH is a wellness space which encompasses the luxury, the serenity, the treatments, and the exclusive range of products which are all connected with physical, mental and spiritual health.

She is very much hands-on and she constantly gives her passionate energy to everyone of her therapists and her staff so that they in turn are able to soak this in and thus make sure that every spa guest who walks in, experiences divine wellness and walks out with the “Royal Aura”!

Her calm and vibrant persona makes her the perfect epitome of everything that MYRAH stands for... aims for... and thus moves forward to establish itself as a top-notch destination day spa brand.

Nisha believes that - Transformation is easy if one is able to stay balanced on a daily level of existence.

She globetrots frequently and is an avid fitness individual.

Spa Etiquette

Our Spa environment is one of tranquillity and relaxation. Please respect other guest's right to privacy and serenity by not using your mobile phone within the Spa. The Spa is a non-smoking environment.

Arrival Time

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment. You will then have enough time to familiarise yourself with the Myrah Spa, take a shower before your body treatment and enjoy a fresh cup of tea in peace and quiet. At the Spa Reception we can help you plan your own personal spa experience. You can tell your therapist exactly what sort of pressure you like for your massage, if you need an extra towel, or your sound, light and temperature preferences.

Cancellation Policy

If you are forced to cancel or postpone a treatment, please inform the Spa Reception as soon as possible. We will charge the full amount for treatments that are cancelled or postponed within 24 hours of the time of your appointment.

Late arrivals

If you arrive late for your appointment, we are unfortunately unable to extend your treatment beyond the agreed time. Your treatment time will thus be shortened accordingly.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers purchased online will only be redeemed after the full payment had been credited into our account and requires a 24-hour notice for a cancellation for the same to avoid a 100% charge.

Age Requirements

Children below the age of 12 are strictly not allowed in the spa premises alone or accompanied by an adult.

Advisory Medical Note

Please note that the heat and the hydrotherapy experiences are not appropriate for guests under 16 years of age, during pregnancy or if under medical supervision. If you are undergoing medical treatment or think that you may be pregnant, please advise at the time of your visit.

Opening Times

The Spa operates from Monday to Saturday from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm, and Sunday from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Thank you for choosing Myrah for your Spa experience.