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Experience the ‘sinsational’ delights of a Chocolate Almond Body Scrub

Experience the ultimate luxury and elevate your spirits with the aroma of chocolate, whilst a creamy chocolate and almond body polish effectively eliminate dead cells leaving your skin moisturised, revitalised and smelling sinfully Choco-Divine!

Sinful Chocolate Almond Body Scrub

( 30 minutes )

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Chocolate Envelopment
60 minutes + 4000

What happens during a Sinful Chocolate Almond Body Scrub?

You normally undress to your bikini or briefs and lie down on the table. The scrub is done with the help of a creamy chocolate and almond polish with a soft and gentle motion, to gently exfoliate your skin and stimulate circulation. It is followed by a bath to remove the residue from your body.

Benefits of a Sinful Chocolate Almond Body Scrub

Coca, the major ingredient of this scrub along with almond is rich in flavonoids, which are antioxidants. Coca is known to have 2-3 times more anti-oxidants than green tea and 5-7 times more anti-oxidants than black tea. Anti-oxidants are beneficial to your body and help in preventing the production of free radicals, which can damage skin cells. They also reduce the signs of ageing. The Sinful Chocolate Almond Body Scrub will leave your body revitalised and moisturised. It is also good in your fight against cellulite and it has toning possibilities.

Best use of Sinful Chocolate Almond Body Scrub

The Sinful Chocolate Almond Body Scrub is a great way to revive your “winter-dry” skin and feel supple and rejuvenated. It also helps combat cellulite and tones the skin. It is a great preparatory treatment for a chocolate envelopment that revives our skin condition. It is highly recommended for eliminating toxins that are formed in your system that leads to tissue draining. This helps in increasing circulation.

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