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Revel in the Silken Body Sheen Envelopment

Feel and look like a real dazzling star with a Bronze and Caviar Body Sheen!

It enhances and adds silken sheen to your most alluring and attractive skin and makes you the embodiment of beauty.

Silken Body Sheen

( 90 minutes )

What happens during a Silken Body Sheen Envelopment?

The Silken Body Sheen Envelopment experience begins with a special scrub to reveal a softer skin. Black & gold microspheres that have brightening pigments are added in the caviar cream to give your skin a glowing look.

You are then cocooned to enhance the experience, and treated with a relaxing scalp and face pressure point massage.

Best use recommendation

This is a great body treatment for a special occasion when you want to look your best. The scrub reveals a softer skin and the envelopment with caviar & gold microspheres leaves your body and skin with a high sheen that is beautiful and attractive.

*Plus GST 18% applicable