U-fill pigm 400

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U-fill pigm 400

µ-Fill PIGM 400 is a technological innovation that enables the in-depth treatment of localized pigmentation irregularities.These patches covered with micro-cones release their brightening active ingredients as close as possible to melanocytes to visibly reduce the intensity of the pigmentation mark.Decrease in tyrosinase activity, the enzyme that catalyzes chemical reactions leading to the production of melaninDecrease in the level of melanin in the basal layer of the epidermisLightening of the pigmentation mark (ITA° angle)Lightening of the area around the pigmentation mark (ITA° angle)Inspired by the micro-needling technology used in aesthetic medicine, µ-Fill PIGM 400 enables the in-depth treatment of localized pigmentation marks.Covered with micro-cones, these single-use patches are made up of 100% hyaluronic acid, solidified anti-melanogenesis, anti-glycation and antioxidant active ingredients.They are capable of penetrating the deepest layers of the epidermis, where they dissolve completely to release and disseminate active ingredients as close as possible to the melanocytes.They help regulate melanin synthesis and transfer to the keratinocytes to inhibit skin color on the surface. Their anti-glycation action reduces the AGE content (advanced glycation end products) in the cell medium, thereby combating the excess production of melanin. Lastly, they limit lipofuscin synthesis for enhanced lightening action. Localized pigmentation marks are reduced.Used as part of a one-month program, µ-Fill PIGM 400 reduces the dark spots on the skin’s surface to make it more even and uniform.BenefitsSignificantly lightensLimits melanogenesisRegulates the level of melanin in the various layers of the epidermisInhibits lipofuscin synthesisReduces pigmentation marks12 units

Size:- 12 units

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