Shampooing traitant vipo2

Biologique recherché

Shampooing traitant vipo2

This cleansing treatment delivers anti-pollution haircare by eliminating the polluting particles on the scalp and along the length of the hair. It stimulates cell respiration, thereby, replenishing cells whose oxygen content has become depleted. Once cleansed of urban pollutants, the hair regains its original strength, glossy shine and improved volume. Recommended for weakened and devitalized scalp. Oxygenating Complex platform: Biologique Recherche Proprietary Oxygenating Complex draws oxygen molecules into the hair shaft to feed, brighten and stimulate follicles to combat dullness and dehydration. Anti-Pollution platform: Shea Detox neutralises pollution and free radical damage. Cleansing platform: Coconut Sugars cleanse the hair and scalp while restoring the strength and shine. 

Size:- 250 ml, 50 ml

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