Patchs defatigants 3 sachets de

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Patchs defatigants 3 sachets de

These plumping, brightening eye sheet masks infuse the eye contour with botanical actives to address signs of fatigue. Its natural biocellulose support and its "pinch" shape adhere perfectly to the eye contour for an effective treatment. Immediately reducing puffiness and appearance of fine lines, leaving the eye contour feeling firm, bright, and hydrated. Recommended for tired and dehydrated under-eye skin with dark circles and puffiness. Anti-Puffiness platform: Caffeine plumps, hydrates and flushes fluid build up under the eyes.Anti-Wrinkle platform: Silk Tree extracts thickens and firms the finer skin under and around the eyes.Anti-Dark Circles platform: Complex of Matrikines and Flavonoids lighten and soften dark circles.Anti-Dehydration Lines platform: Hyaluronic Acid provides hydration to combat puffiness, dullness and signs of fatigue. 

Size:- 6 ml

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