emulsion gel biosensible s.r

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emulsion gel biosensible s.r

"Unifying & Mattifying."A gentle emulsion for sensitive skins with dilated pores and an oily tendency. Immediately soothes and relieves redness and the sensation of discomfort from irritation. Reduces sensitivity, relieves overheating, and tightness. Reduces blemishes and minimizes over active skin types for a visibly less oily appearance. Smooths the skin texture and tightens pores. Unifies and mattifies the complexion. Leaves skin softer and more radiant.Reduces and diffuse redness Relieves skin tightnessSoothes and re-balances the epidermisRegulates the secretion of sebumTightens dilated poresRespects the physiological balance of sensitive skinSmooths the skin texture and prevents the formation of comedonesIlluminates and evens out the complexion Soothing and protective active ingredients: Complex of amino acids, polysaccharides rich in rhamnose, white tea leaf extract.Seboregulating active ingredients: Orthosiphon leaf extract, complex of yellow moambre extract and oleanolic acid.Smoothing active ingredients against dilated pores: Complex based on elderflower, chestnut tree and myrobalan leaf etracts, marine exopolysaccharide.Moisturizing active ingredients: Complex of hyaluronic acid and rhizobium, Polysaccharides rich in fucose. Size: 1.7 oz - 50ml  

Size:- 50 ml

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