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A royal journey of purification through detox!

This is a combo therapy that includes the powerful detoxification and purifying qualities of:

Detox Journey

( 180 minutes )

Lymphatic Drainage Massage: This is a gentle rhythmic massage that helps stimulate the circulation of lymph fluids in the body. Trained Lymphatic Massage therapists perform it. Lymphoedema is a condition caused by certain kinds of surgery involving lymph nodes. This results in a build-up of toxic substances in the form of fluids. Increase in the toxin level makes us experience low energy levels and continued fatigue. Lymphatic Drainage Massage uses gentle pressure to move waste fluids from the damaged area..

Acqua Detossinante: Skins of people in all age groups tend to accumulate toxins that originate as metabolic waste or caused by environmental agents and stress. This treatment reawakens, detoxify body skin and prepares the skin for better penetration of subsequent professional treatments.

Detox Face Treatment

In this part of the journey your face is treated to a Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

Benefits of a Detox Journey:

  • Complete detoxification that leaves your body and skin in peak and youthful condition

Best use recommendation:

This is an ideal therapy for those with an active lifestyle who travel a lot, consume alcohol, and have stress in their life. It is also great before a weight-loss programme.

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  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage - (60 mins)
  • Aqua Detossinante - (90 mins)
  • Detox Face Treatment -(30 mins)

*Plus GST 18% applicable

*All journeys need to be redeemed as is to avail of the discount offer