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Signature therapies that will brighten your royal aura

This is a massage that will brighten your royal aura and bring to you that special internal glow of wellbeing, accompanied by a radiant and glowing appearance on the outside.

Aromatherapy Signature Massage

( 60 minutes )
( 90 minutes )
( 120 minutes )

What happens during a Aromatherapy Signature Massage?

As a royal prerogative, you get to choose amongst our wide variety of essential oils that appeal to your senses and your disposition. Your massage will be customised to your choice of oil and combined with the best massage techniques from the different traditions. The masseuse will use a Hot Thai pouch and a Hot pillow to stretch your body. This is a complete Head to Toe experience, aimed at relaxing each and every part of your royal body, and soul.

Benefits of a Aromatherapy Signature Massage

Complete relaxation that is the result of the therapist’s attention to each and every part of your body. An after-glow of wellness permeates your body/mind.

Best use of the Aromatherapy Signature Massage

This signature Myrah massage is ideally indicated for people of an average/medium lifestyle who seek an elevated sense of wellness and luxury.

Before/After Massage Tip

As with every massage, you can expect to feel stiff and even tender, though this will subside after a couple of days leaving you more relaxed than ever.

If you desire to reduce the tenderness, warm-up your muscles with a bath, a heat pack or steam. Once your muscles are warm, we also recommend dynamic stretching to release some of the tenderness and to further lengthen your muscles.

It is also essential to stay hydrated before and after the treatment to ensure that you get the best results.

Avoid eating right before a massage.

*Plus GST 18% applicable