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Relax and let go with an indulgent, rose petal scrub

This scrub at Myrah Spa uses a combination of rose petals to treat your body. Rose is an eternal symbol of love and it is soft and gentle on your body while having anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. It is a great way to soothe and calm your body, and leave it feeling cool and fresh.

Relaxing Flower Scrub - Rose

( 30 minutes )

What happens during a Relaxing Rose Flower Scrub?

You normally undress to your bikini or briefs, and lie down on the table. The scrub is done with the help of a combination of rose petals and aloe with a soft and gentle motion, to gently exfoliate your skin and stimulate circulation. It is followed by a bath to remove the residue from your body. It is a great preparatory treatment for couple massages.

Benefits of a Relaxing Rose Flower Scrub

Rose petals are a great way to buff your skin, making it soft and smooth. Used over time, it leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. It is also a great way to heal overexposure to the sun and dry skin. Aloe has known benefits of being anti-bacterial and being beneficial for the skin.

Best use recommendation

If your skin looks tired and dull, or you have been out in sunlight and require your skin to recover, a rose and aloe scrub is a great idea. It rejuvenates and soothes your skin and leaves it feeling fresh and young. It is also a great adjunct for couples who seek to do a Divine Rose Aromatherapy Massage.

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