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Experience the refreshing power of Seasonal Scrub on your skin

Our fruit scrubs are made from natural & seasonal fruit enzymes that exfoliate the skin without harsh scrubbing. Enzyme peels are gentle exfoliators and will leave your skin noticeably smoother, softer, and rejuvenated after only one treatment.

Rejuvenating Fruit Enzyme Polish

( 30 minutes )

What happens during a Rejuvenating Seasonal Fruit Enzyme Scrub?

You normally undress to your bikini or briefs and lie down on the table. The scrub is done with the help of a combination of Rejuvenating Seasonal Fruit peels and enzymes. A soft and gentle motion is used, to gently exfoliate your skin and stimulate circulation. It is followed by a bath to remove the residue from your body.

Benefits of a Rejuvenating Seasonal Fruit Enzyme Scrub

Mandarin fruit peels and enzymes are a great exfoliator and leave your skin feeling and looking fresh and rejuvenated. The scrub with Seasonal peels helps to remove dead keratin cells that make the skin look flaky and smoothen and revive the skin’s natural suppleness. This is an energising scrub that is beneficial to your skin.

Best use recommendation

The Rejuvenating Seasonal Fruit Enzyme Scrub is a great way to handle flaky skin, and make your skin look and feel young. It is also a great adjunct therapy for any massage.

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