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A sensual and refreshing shared experience that will reconnect you to your partner.

Shared feelings, experiences, and sensations are what establish strong bonds between couples. Celebrating this “sharing” is a Myrah experience that will renew the deep ties between you and your significant other.

Reconnect Journey

( 180 minutes )

The Reconnect Journey is a four-part journey incorporating:

Warm Aromatic Candle Massage – As you lay down on the massage table, the massage therapist pours warm candle wax on your body and kneads this into your body with gentle strokes. You have a choice between Rose or Passion Fruit Candle Oil. The combined effect of the alluring aroma and the rhythm of the massage seeps inwards into you and you forget the stress and tensions, and feel relieved and at peace.

Rehydra or Balance Facial – The Rehydra facial is ideal for moisturising dry skin, whereas the Balance facial is for skin that is prone to acne and it helps to balance the oil content of the skin. We recommend the treatment depending on the skin type.

Foot Reflexology – Pressure points on the foot are linked to different parts of the body. By stimulating these reflex points on the foot, the therapeutic foot massage will help improve energy balance and enhance your sense of wellbeing. This holistic therapy assists in the re-balancing and harmonising of the entire body.

Divine Rose Bath – Rose Bath Salt is used as a potent combination to stimulate collagen, rejuvenate, and hydrate the skin. The secret of all this queens bath will make your/your partner’s skin luxuriously soft and silky.

At the end of the journey, sit with your loved one for a while to listen, talk and share your experience, while we serve you a love platter of fruits and a rejuvenating drink.

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  • Warm Aromatic Candle Massage - (60 mins)
  • The Rehydra / Balance Facial - (60 mins)
  • Royal Foot Reflexology - (30 mins)
  • Divine Rose Bath - (30 mins)

*Plus GST 18% applicable