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The ideal facial for both young and mature skin having easily irritable skin

Eighty-five percent of the adolescents and an increasing number of adults have oily skin with imperfections caused due to a number of reasons. The Purity Facial is created for such skin types – viz. those having dilated pores, shine, bumps, and blemishes etc. and works to rebalance sebum secretion, smoothen and even our skin texture guaranteeing a day-long shine-free complexion.

Purity Facial

( 60 minutes )

What happens during a Purity Facial?

Purity Facials work cosmetically by exfoliating, purifying, absorbing and controlling oiliness, soothing and moisturising your facial skin.

Benefits of a Purity Facial

The facial combats the shiny look caused by excessive sebum secretion and gives your skin a healthy, young appearance. It is also great to remove blackheads while smoothing and evening our skin texture.

Best use recommendation

Ideal for both the young and mature skins at particular times when the skin is translucent-looking, easily irritated and suffers from hyperkeratinisation, blackheads and spots, subcutaneous pimples, and unexpected acne breakouts.

It is a facial recommended as an SOS for all skin types afflicted by blemishes at certain times caused due to stress, genetic disposition or hormonal imbalance.


Purity- purifying fluid
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Purity -seborregulating cream
M.R.P.  2390
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