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Revive, rejuvenate, and refresh your skin after a hectic night of partying!

A late night combined with the highs of a party can leave you and your skin looking tired and depleted. The Post-party Skin Rescue treatment is just what is required to bring back the Pre-party freshness and glow to your skin.

Post Party Skin Rescue

( 45 minutes )

What happens during a Post-Party Skin Rescue?

The post-party skin rescue begins with an exfoliation followed by a pressure point massage to firm the skin, and a lymphatic drainage massage with an anti-oxidant Vitamin C serum followed by  a specific face massage and a hydrating oxygen mask. It imparts an anti-oxidant effect on your skin.

Benefits of a Post-Party Skin Rescue

This is a great “get back to former glow and radiance” treatment for tired facial skin that is showing the results of the late night and indulgence during your party.

Best use recommendation

As the name indicates, this is a regimen specifically targeted at repairing the skin after a hectic party or a journey/holiday!

*Plus GST 18% applicable