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Raise your level of passion with the Summer Indulgence Journey

The Passionate Summer Indulgence experience uses fruit extracts and its properties to nourish, moisturise, and detox your skin, all the while providing both of you with an indulgent, relaxing and soothing experience.

Passionate Summer Indulgence

( 120 minutes )

The Passionate Summer Indulgence experience is a three-stage journey incorporating:

Fruit Enzyme Body Scrub: This involves a Mandarin scrub done with a soft and gentle motion, to gently exfoliate your skin and stimulate circulation. It leaves your skin with a satin finish with a fresh, natural glow of wellness.

Primrose Oil Swedish Massage: Using Primula Della Notte oil, the massage therapist will typically begin massaging you with broad general strokes in the direction of the blood returning to the heart, and then use specific strokes to address problem areas. The massage consists of a combination of five basic strokes, the pressure of which is varied between soft medium The use of Primula Della Notte oil that is rich in evening primrose & hemp oil  imparts a rich and nourishing texture to your skin; it restores elasticity, protects and deeply nourishes even the driest skins.

Red Wine Bath: As you both relax in the red wine bath, your body benefits from the polyphenols in the wine grape extract that helps exfoliate, detoxify, cool inflammation and soften/repair damaged skin. This skin nourishing bath is further enhanced with effective, potent anti-agers: Alpha Lipoic antioxidants

The Passionate Spa Indulgence will leave you feeling connected, refreshed, and rejuvenated by the indulgent journey you experienced together. 

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  • Body Scrub Satin - (30 mins)
  • Primrose Swedish massage - (60 mins)
  • Red Wine Bath - (30 mins)

*Plus GST 18% applicable

*All journeys need to be redeemed as is to avail of the discount offer