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Oxygen Facial is to parched skin what water is to thirst!

Exposure to the sun, the heat, and the pursuit of your lifestyle results in your skin becoming dry and parched. Rehydrating it is an essential task if you seek youthful-looking elastic skin that is glowing, and radiant. Just as water is essential to our life, rehydration is essential for your skin health.

Oxygen Facial

( 60 minutes )

What happens during an Oxygen Facial?

The Oxygen Facial includes a series of regimens including face cleansing, facial toning, exfoliation, steam/extraction, a functional mask – in this case, a rehydrating mask, pressure point massage, lymphatic drainage massage and a special rehydra massage.

Benefits of an Oxygen Facial

Water is an essential element of our body and restoring the water content of your skin through a process of quenching is as natural and necessary as a drink of water/fluids when thirsty. The Oxygen Facial hydrates your skin and restores transdermal water loss; it nourishes your skin and protects it against premature ageing.

Best use recommendation

An Oxygen Facial is indicated when your skin looks dry and parched. This is a basic facial that helps you hydrate your skin.


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Oxygen - oxygenating cream
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