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A powerful cocktail of vitamins that illuminates the skin !

Multivit a powerful cocktail of vitamins that combats the stress of daily life, environmental aggression , lack of sleep unbalanced diet that requires the skin to “RECHARGE”itself with vitamins that awakens the vitality and natural luminiosity of the skin .

Multivit Facial

( 75 minutes )

What happens during an Multivit Facial?

The Multivit Facial includes a series of regimens including face cleansing, facial toning, exfoliation, steam/extraction,in this case a Multivit collagen mask, pressure point massage, lymphatic drainage massage and a special stimulating massage.

Benefits of an multivit Facial

Due to the powerful anti oxidant effect it protects the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals which are responsible for premature skin ageing .

Best use recommendation

A real cure for dull , matte , fatigued and devitalised skin

*Plus GST 18% applicable