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Fall in love once more – in the midst of the Lovers Mystical Journey

The journey is replete with things and experiences that will make you want to fall in love once again. It will arouse the passion, the sensations, and experience of your first “moment of love”. The experience is replete with Aroma Oils and sensuous love ballads all used to seduce your senses, while our therapists skilfully pamper you. All the while you gaze lovingly into your lover's eyes as you lie on spa beds in close proximity to one another!

Lovers Mystical Journey

( 180 minutes )

The Lovers Mystical Journey is a 4-stage experience comprising:

Detox Body Polish - Body exfoliator with a cream texture that helps eliminate dead cells from the skin surface and encourages cell renewal ,revealing cleaner,fresher and smoother skin.

Royal Aura Signature Aromatherapy Massage - As a royal prerogative, you get to choose amongst our wide variety of essential oils that appeal to your senses and your disposition.
Your massage will be customised to your choice of oil and combined with the best massage techniques from the different traditions. The masseuse will use a Hot Thai pouch and a Hot pillow to stretch your body. This is a complete Head to Toe experience, aimed at relaxing each and every part of your royal body, and soul.

Oxygen Facial/Purity Facial - The quick rejuvenator regimen for your facial skin
So you have had a stressful week and you have to meet someone important in the evening? Of course, meeting them with tired-looking skin is not done! What you need is a deep facial cleaning service that will perk up your skin, and bring the freshness, glow, and allure back in spades!

Foot Reflexology – The foot is known to be connected to various parts of the body, and a massage on the specific zones of the feet is known to improve the energy balance of the body and enhance your sense of wellbeing.This holistic therapy assists in re-balancing and harmonising of the entire body .

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  • Detox Body Polish - (30 mins)
  • Royal Aura Signature Aromatherapy Massage - (60 mins)
  • Oxygen Facial/Purity Facial - (60 mins)
  • Foot Reflexology - (30 mins)

*Plus GST 18% applicable