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Fall in love once more – in the midst of the Lovers Mystical Journey

The journey is replete with things and experiences that will make you want to fall in love once again. It will arouse the passion, the sensations, and experience of your first “moment of love”. The experience is replete with Roses, Chocolate, Aromatic Candles and sensuous love ballads all used to seduce your senses, while our therapists skilfully pamper you. All the while you gaze lovingly into your lover's eyes as you lie on spa beds in close proximity to one another!

Lovers Mystical Journey

( 180 minutes )

The Lovers Mystical Journey is a 5-stage experience comprising:

Sinful Choco Almond Body Polish

The scrub is done with the help of a creamy chocolate and almond polish with a soft and gentle motion, to gently exfoliate your skin and stimulate circulation. The scrub is followed by a shower.

Chocolate Aroma Massage

This customised holistic massage combines a blend of pure chocolate-scented Choco Almond Massage Cream and is gently administered to soothe and calm the nerves with gentle smooth movements, to relieve stress, muscle aches and improve circulation, while the aroma of the cream will balance your mind and emotions.

Divine Mini Facial

This is a facial deep-cleansing service, which includes cleansing, toning, steam exfoliation and an application of a mask. Just the right thing to freshen your face and bring back the glow that made your partner fall in love in the first place!

Foot Reflexology

Pressure points on the foot are linked to different parts of the body. By stimulating these reflex points on the foot, the therapeutic foot massage will help improve energy balance and enhance your sense of wellbeing. This holistic therapy assists in the re-balancing and harmonising of the entire body.

Royal Aura Bath

This signature bath is designed to brighten your aura and bring to both of you that special internal glow of wellbeing, accompanied by a radiant and glowing appearance on the outside. A love platter of fruits and coconut water is served to you while you dip in the aromatic bath together which completes this mystical journey of love.

  • Sinful Choco Almond Body Polish - (30 mins)
  • Chocolate Aroma Massage - (60 mins)
  • Divine Mini Facial - (30 mins)
  • Royal Foot Reflexology - (30 mins)
  • Royal Aura Bath - (30 mins)