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Relieves muscular & emotional tension and restores balance of your mind & body

Lomilomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage.
This massage incorporates the Hawaiian concept of aloha, which means love, unification and breath, and promotes personal harmony. Even in modern practice, lomi lomi therapists are taught to focus on the massage with love and intention. The difference between Swedish massage and lomi lomi is the "healing touch." The word lomi means to knead to soothe to rub.

Lomi Lomi Massage

( 90 minutes )
( 120 minutes )

What happens during a lomi lomi therapy ?

Although practitioners use a variety of techniques and tailor each treatment to the needs of the client, lomi lomi typically involves rhythmic, flowing massage strokes which are meant to clear blockages in the circulation of energy through the body. The therapist typically uses his or her forearms to make long massage strokes.

Other lomi lomi massage strokes involve a circular or chopping motion, gentle pounding, percussive cupping, and/or fingertip tapping.

Benefit of Lomi lomi :

lomi lomi aims to promote relaxation, improve circulation, address muscle pain and other physical ailments, and provide spiritual and emotional benefits, including the relief of fear, anxiety, and other negative emotions.

Best use of Lomi Lomi :

One of the goals of lomi lomi massage is to clear blockages in the body's natural flow of energy through the body. As in traditional Chinese medicine, energy blockages are thought to contribute to problems in physical, emotional, and mental health.

As with every massage, you can expect to feel stiff and even tender, though this will subside after a couple of days leaving you more relaxed than ever.

Before/After Massage Tip

If you desire to reduce the tenderness, warm-up your muscles with a bath, a heat pack or steam. Once your muscles are warm, we also recommend dynamic stretching to release some of the tenderness and to further lengthen your muscles.

It is also essential to stay hydrated before and after the treatment to ensure that you get the best results.

Avoid eating right before a massage.

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