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Comfort, nourish and revive your body and spirit

The Hydrating Rose Envelopment draws upon the potent properties of different Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Hyaluronic Acids of the rose flower to help peel dead cells and help in the regeneration of new ones. It helps to calm the mind and deeply hydrate your skin giving it a more uniform and smooth tone. It is a definite mood enhancer.

Hydrating Rose

( 90 minutes )

What happens during a Hydrating Rose Envelopment?

The Hydrating Rose Envelopment experience begins with a special exfoliating scrub to eliminate dead cells from your skin. An invigorating shower follows this to help reveal fresh and radiant skin.

The heart of this treatment is a specially-formulated masque containing potent rose extracts, which is applied to the whole body. You are then cocooned to enhance the experience, and treated with a relaxing scalp and face pressure point massage.

Benefits of a Hydrating Rose Envelopment

It is an envelopment that will comfort your body, leave your skin rejuvenated and bereft of dead skin, and calm the mind.

Best use recommendation

When you want to look fresh and youthful, the Hydrating Rose Envelopment will do the trick. Its exfoliating impact will rid you of dead skin and promote rejuvenation, leaving your skin, tender and glowing. The Myrah Hydrating Rose Envelopment is a great pick-me-up and feel-good experience.

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