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Indulge in the perfect Herbal and Flower Bath

Amongst the many herbal baths, the Green Tea bath is certainly one of the highest ranking. The Green Tea Bath at Myrah Spa uses the essential goodness of Green Tea to give you a refreshing feling.

Green Tea and Jasmine Bath

( 30 minutes )

What happens during a Green Tea Bath?

Here, you experience the refreshing feel of the Green Tea bath salts. The indulgent bath is combined with a scalp massage that enhances the overall impact and leaves you feeling refreshed.

Benefits of a Green Tea Bath

Green Tea is great for the skin, as the polyphenols in Green Tea have anti-inflammatory properties and are good for cellular regeneration. It is a very healthy way to unwind, and feel new both inside as well as out. The Green Tea Bath will nourish your body and leave you hydrated.

Best use recommendation

This is a great way to wash away any bodily inflammation and rejuvenate your skin. It rehydrates your skin and brings a sense of “Feel Good” in your body/mind.

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