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Massage your way to a figure you always desired

Massage is a vital component to achieve the dream figure you always desired.

The body has a natural tendency to store fat and breaking down these areas of accumulated fat can be made easier with fat busting, figure sculpting massages. The massage breaks down adipose tissue, displaces toxins, and assists in weight loss and spot reduction of weight and fat.

Figure Sculpting Massage

( 60 minutes )

What happens during the Figure Sculpting Massage?

This massage therapy uses special oil and a combination of specific deep massage strokes that directly aids in fat loss. It addresses specific areas of accumulation of adipose tissue and helps bust the fat tissue so that the fat in that particular location is exuded and absorbed. As a vital component of a regimen that includes diet control and proper nutrition as well as exercise, the therapy can produce excellent results.

Best use of a Figure Sculpting Massage

The Figure Sculpting Massage is a great adjunct therapy with nutritious diet and exercise with a view to weight loss and figure correction.

It helps in your spot weight loss while keeping your skin young and supple.

Before/After Massage Tip

As with every massage, you can expect to feel stiff and even tender, though this will subside after a couple of days leaving you more relaxed than ever.

If you desire to reduce the tenderness, warm-up your muscles with a bath, a heat pack or steam. Once your muscles are warm, we also recommend dynamic stretching to release some of the tenderness and to further lengthen your muscles.

It is also essential to stay hydrated before and after the treatment to ensure that you get the best results.

Avoid eating right before a massage.

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