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Look young and feel young with Face Massage

For most people, their facial skin is like a barometer of their age. With ageing, the skin cells and tissues undergo change, becoming asphyxiated, and resulting in wrinkles that are more pronounced and noticeable. The Face Massage uses special ingredients that increase cellular oxygenation and slowing down the ageing process. It literally “wakes up” the skin tissues, regenerates and energises the derma and slows down your biological age. The Facefence line of cosmetics that we use provides an integral approach to the ageing process based on analysis of mature skin needs and change.


Express Face Massage

( 15 minutes )

What happens during a Face Massage?

The Face Massage follows multiple regimens including purifying the skin with an awakening action with silky cleanser, application of a moisture-fixing gel mesh on your face for toning and revitalising effect, smoothing and detox with clay and minerals, dermic shock action, oxygenating skin with an oxygen mask, and application of an extreme day cream.

Benefits of Face Massage

Delayed ageing, and a youthful appearance of your facial skin despite your biological age.

Best use of Face Massage

It is an ideal regimen that should begin in your early forties with a view to preserving skin youth and appearance while delaying the onset of ageing.

It is a good way to take care of fine/deep lines and wrinkles on your face.

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