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The ideal facial for reactive and sensitive skin

Not all skin is made alike – some people have sensitive skin that reacts to everyday stresses, irritation, and allergies that manifest as reddening of the skin, blemishes, rashes, flaking and sometimes even cracks. The Emozioni Facial is specially created to deal with such skin and restore its original glory. It is recommended as a specific treatment for reactive, sensitive, and/or intolerant skin.

Emozioni Facial

( 60 minutes )

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What happens during an Emozioni Facial?

An Emozioni Facial consists of facial cleansing, toning, exfoliation followed up with a massage (Pressure Point, Lymphatic Drainage or Circulatory)  and application of a face mask.

Benefits of an Emozioni Facial

Emozioni Facial is a great way to treat reactive, sensitive and/or intolerant skin and help desensitize skin.

Best use recommendation

The Emozioni Facial is ideal for people having reactive/sensitive skin with reduced tolerance and defenses to products or atmospheric conditions.