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This is a journey that will brighten your royal aura and bring to you that special internal glow of well being, accompanied by a radiant and glowing appearance on the outside

Sports Journey

( 120 minutes )

Sports Journey is a three-stage experience incorporating:

Stage One: Body Polish – Our Body polish gently exfoliatesthe skin leaving it noticeably smoother, softer, and rejuvenated after only one treatment. It is a great preparatory therapy for a massage to follow.

Stage Two: The Sports Deep tissue massage – This is a type of massage that is done using oil, where the therapist uses a lot more pressure and it is one that calls for more active involvement of the guest. The therapist will use kneading, circular movements, tapping, and vibrations while attending to muscle or tendons that face build-up of tension or stress/pain. Your therapist will make use of his/her fingers, palm, as well as his/her elbow. Our Sports Massage will help treat those specific problems and leave you feeling totally relaxed and re-energised.

Stage Three: Jacuzzi Therapy – This signature bath is designed to brighten your Royal Aura and bring to both of you that special internal glow of well-being, accompanied by a radiant and glowing appearance on the outside. The bath occurs in a luxurious Jacuzzi in a peaceful and Zen atmosphere with candles, soft music, and a platter of fruits. It will be 20 minutes of absolute indulgence and “alone” time. The bathing experience also includes a 10- minute scalp massage, and we serve fruits and refreshing coconut water.

It is a combined 2-hour experience that will leave you fulfilled, satiated, and connected to each other.

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  • Body Polish - (30 mins)
  • Sports deep tissue Massage - (60 mins)
  • Jacuzzi Therapy -(30 mins)

*Plus GST 18% applicable

*All journeys need to be redeemed as is to avail of the discount offer