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The quick rejuvenator regimen for your facial skin

So you have had a stressful week and you have to meet someone important in the evening? Of course, meeting them with tired-looking skin is not done! What you need is a deep facial cleaning service that will perk up your skin, and bring the freshness, glow, and allure back in spades!

Divine Mini Facial

( 30 minutes )

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30 minutes + 1700

What happens during a Divine Mini Facial?

The Divine Mini Facial includes a deep cleansing of your face; followed by a toning regimen, steam exfoliation, and application of a facemask.

Benefits of Divine Mini Facial

The facial deep cleanses your clogged skin and imparts an even skin tone.  

Best use recommendation

The Divine Mini Facial is indicated when you want your skin to look clean and you want to remove blackheads.