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Divine Bosom Care

In the aesthetic that deals with women’s beauty, the bosom has a status whose importance need not be reiterated. A woman’s bosom is a representation of her divine feminine nature and an inseparable aspect of her beauty. The Divine Bosom Care regimen is a mix of therapies that treat your skin from your chin to the base of your bosom, covering your entire décolleté.

Divine Bosom care

( 45 minutes )

What happens during a Divine Bosom Care Session?

The Divine Bosom Care Session combines regimens such as skin cleansing, toning, exfoliation, application of an active ingredient and a specific firming massage.

Benefits of Divine Bosom Care

The Divine Bosom Care regimen helps to keep your bosom firm and it is a great anti-ageing treatment.

Best use recommendation

It is a great regimen to combat sagging bosoms.

*Plus GST 18% applicable