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Do you feel your facial skin and outlook could do with a lift?

The Caviar Lifting Mask is your solution. It delivers the ultimate skin rescue treatment and in a few minutes all the tired-looking symptoms on your skin will disappear, only to be replaced by a healthy and younger looking skin!

Caviar Lifting Mask (Ultimate Skin Rescue Mask)

( 15 minutes )

What happens during a Caviar Lifting Mask Session?

The regimen includes face cleansing, toning of facial skin and application of a Caviar Lifting Mask, accompanied with a 10-minute scalp massage.

Benefits of a Caviar Lifting Mask Therapy Session

It is a therapy that will herald the return of the youthful you. Caviar is an excellent anti-ageing agent and works by activating cells to generate collagen, the protein that is responsible for skin’s youthfulness and it is an anti-ageing moisturiser of facial skin.

Best use recommendation

Caviar Lifting Mask is a therapy that is indicated when your skin loses its natural texture and starts showing its age, with fine lines or wrinkles.

*Plus GST 18% applicable