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Lock-in the beauty benefits of Caviar

Extracts of Caviar have many benefits for the skin. It is a great way to nourish your skin, make it look supple and youthful and pampered.

Caviar Envelopment

( 60 minutes )

What happens during Caviar Envelopment?

Luxurious Caviar Extract Massage Cream is spread all over the body in soft, pampering, and deeply relaxing moves. Your body is then enveloped in a thermal blanket so that the warmth can enhance the effects of Caviar on your skin.

 While you lie covered in the thermal blanket, we administer a scalp massage.

Benefits of a Caviar Envelopment

This envelopment is excellent to nourish the skin, enhance elasticity, and leaves you feeling and looking youthful.

Best use recommendation

This is an indulgent pleasure that you can opt for anytime you so desire. It is a great way to give your skin some tender loving care!

*Plus GST 18% applicable