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These treatment technique drain the toxins out of our body by guiding them through the body's filtering mechanism the lymph nodes. It is beneficial in helping to eliminate waste from our body , strengthen the body's immune system and support the weight loss program.
We suggest a detox diet, weight loss diet and exercise routine to combine with these treatments .

Salt and Red Fruit Detox Polish

Body Scrub with a nourishing texture to help exfoliate the dead cells.It also has an excellent Osmotic effect draining to give smooth nourished sculpted skin.

30 minutes - 2500

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Royal De-Tox Journey

A divine way to Detox your body and get you renewed, re-energized and glowing with health and vitality.

  • Lymphatic Drainage massage - 60 mins
  • Acqua Detossinante - 90 mins
  • De-Tox Face Treatment - 30 mins

180 minutes - 10850

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Body Beautiful Journey

These journeys are to help you shape, contour your body and rediscover your beautiful body. All our Body Beautiful journeys are charted after a thorough health and fitness consultation. We then combine all the services listed below depending on your special requirement and needed inch loss in sessions of 6, 8 or 12!

Acqua Detossinante

All skins and all ages tend to accumulate toxins that originate as metabolic waste or caused by environmental agents and stress. This treatment reawaken, detoxify body skin and prepare the skin for better penetration of subsequent professional treatments.

90 minutes - 6750

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Acqua Riducente

This treatment stimulates the metabolism, promotes lipolytic action on tissue, drains excess waste substances:finally, it delivers a slimming action with focused effect on plump waists, legs and arms. It also reduces localised fat deposits, bloating and liquid retention, thanks to the synergy of precious Antarctic active ingredients released by innovative formula technologies.Most effective for those with rolls or bulges and/or bloating.

90 minutes - 6000

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Acqua Modellante

For those who want to tone tissue and keep it elastic (even during pregnancy or dieting).
Combat the effects of sagging, loose and slack skin in general. The skin is the covering that protects our body but above all it is an organ subjected more than the others to destructive attacks from both inside and outside and subsequent gradual slackening. Every time a body problem is tackled therefore, the skin must also be toned and sculpted to optimize results.

90 minutes - 6000

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