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Therapies that complement a healthy lifestyle for slimming and detox

Desiring to be at your ideal weight and looking one’s best is quite natural, but it requires a combination of diet, healthy lifestyle, and a detox and spa regimen that will support it. Our slimming and detox treatment helps drain the toxins out of your body, by guiding them through the body’s filtering mechanisms – viz. the lymph nodes. It is beneficial in eliminating waste from the body while strengthening the body’s immune system, and supporting your weight loss programme. 

Slimming and Detox

Detox Journey

A royal journey of purification through detox!

This is a combo therapy that includes the powerful detoxification and purifying qualities of:

180 minutes - 12950*

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Detoxification journey as a preparatory step

Skins of all ages tend to accumulate toxins that originate as metabolic waste or waste caused due to environmental agents or stress. The Acqua Detossinante Therapy works on your body and skin to awaken and detoxify it, as a preparatory step towards the further therapies involved in the journey towards your Body Beautiful.

90 minutes - 7460*

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Your first step towards your desired body contours

This treatment stimulates the metabolism, promotes lipolytic action on tissues, drains excess waste substances and finally, it delivers a slimming action with focussed effect on plump waists, legs and arms. It also reduces localised fat deposits, bloating and liquid retention, thanks to the synergy of precious Antarctic active ingredients released by innovative formula technologies.

90 minutes - 6620*

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A skin regimen for body modelling

The skin is the largest human organ and it is constantly exposed to forces that degrade it - both from the outside and the inside. Every human condition like pregnancy and every diet regimen cause manifold changes to the body and this reflects on your skin. The skin reacts by sagging, becoming loose or slack in general and this is an undesirable condition.

Every metabolic change in the body requires you to support your skin and treat, tone and sculpt it to shape. The Acqua Modellante Therapy does just that - toning your skin and tissues to keep it elastic and young looking.

90 minutes - 6620*

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Pre Natal

Busy mom

Specially-designed experience for the busy mom-to-be

This is a specially-designed quick experience for the busy mom-to-be who has no time for a long spa session.

75 minutes - 6100*

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Pamper mom

Indulgence personified for the mom-to-be

Celebrate your forthcoming motherhood with a pampering session at Myrah Spa! It will leave you feeling good and looking great!

165 minutes - 11020*

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