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Making your first impressions last…

Your skin and its condition are an important aspect of your overall appearance and image. A radiant, fresh and young looking skin does wonders for your self-esteem and makes a lasting positive impression on those whom you meet.

Our range of skin treatments and regimens help maintain your skin in prime condition. These treatments target your specific conditions and nourish your skin to a youthful glow of health and beauty. 

Our belief in conscious beauty

At Myrah, we believe in conscious beauty, which means being aware of the ingredients you expose your skin to. For facials, we use products, which are plant-based, and all the active ingredients come from natural resources. These treatments will help restore your skin to prime condition, keep it healthy, delay ageing, and make it luminous with a youthful radiance. We recommend facials suited to your specific skin-type and lifestyle after a thorough skin examination.


Biologique Recherché

Yvan, Josette and Philippe Allouche, a biologist, a physiotherapist and a doctor, combined their know-how and passion to write a unique and visionary page in the history of skin care. When the company was founded, 40 years ago, it functioned like a research and development laboratory whose sole vocation was to develop formulations for professionals dissatisfied with existing products.

Today Biologique Recherche methodology has a reputation for astounding effectiveness based on a clinical approach to beauty care using pure, concentrated and raw ingredients, as well as innovative and meticulous protocols and procedures.

Biologique Recherche is an International brand available in more than 70 countries.


Biologique Recherche Facial Treatments

Initialization Stage : the skin is prepared and cleansed to restore the epidermis' natural regeneration properties.

The Initialization Stage is a crucial part of the Biologique Recherche Methodology.During this stage, the epidermis is thoroughly cleansed, its pH is balanced, it is gently exfoliated and its proteo-lipidic film is restored. Impurities and dead cells are gradually brought to the surface and eliminated. After this stage, which comprises make-up removal followed by gentle exfoliation and a mask, the skin is ready to receive the Treatment Stage products.

Treatment Stage: the treatment applied during this fundamental stage is designed to leave the complexion beautiful and radiant.

This stage is the most active moment of the Biologique Recherche skin care program. The products that are used during this stage contain high concentrations of botanical, marine and biological extracts. When applied in accordance with the Biologique Recherche Methodology, they balance, hydrate and revitalize the epidermis. The active ingredients work progressively. To improve the quality of the skin and leave the complexion radiant.

BR Face Remodelling & Lifting Treatment

This facial begins with a preparatory phase: cleansing of the face and neck with the oxygenating milk  and exfoliation/moisturization by the application of Lotion P50 with gentle pressure. The rebalanced skin is then ready for the application of the Complexe Restructurant et Lissant, which is completed by a modulating massage. Your skin is refreshed, smoothed and toned.Providing instant radiance and long-lasting moisturization.

60 minutes - 8000*

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BR Oxygenating & Illuminating Treatment

The BR Facial includes a specific peel with active ingredients to deeply exfoliate to unify & brighten the skin . The treatment has a specific cleansing massage followed by the peel and finished with a mask

60 minutes - 8000*

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BR Signature Illuminating & Remodelling Treatment

The BR Facial includes a specific cleansing step, a lifting and firming massage with active ingredients to help remodel the skin, a peel with active ingredients to deeply exfoliate, A double mask including the algae cold mask, cold cryo stick massage, layers of potent serums & creams are applied and finished with the RED CARPET SERUM FLUID VIP02.

90 minutes - 10000*

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Divine Mini Facial

What is the difference between Mini and Express Facial?

The Mini Facial is a clean-up of your facial skin wherein the main focusses is on exfoliation, steam treatment, and extraction.

30 minutes - 2500*

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Divine Express Facial

The quick rejuvenator regimen for your facial skin

So you have had a stressful week and you have to meet someone important in the evening? Of course, meeting them with tired-looking skin is not done! What you need is a deep facial cleaning service that will perk up your skin, and bring the freshness, glow, and allure back in spades!

30 minutes - 2500*

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Pre Party Skin glow

Looking for help to look your best for your party occasion

Welcome! Our expert skin therapists will be glad to address your skin issues and ensure you look your glowing and radiant best for your party!

45 minutes - 3500*

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Post-Party skins recue

Revive, rejuvenate, and refresh your skin after a hectic night of partying!

A late night combined with the highs of a party can leave you and your skin looking tired and depleted. The Post-party Skin Rescue treatment is just what is required to bring back the Pre-party freshness and glow to your skin.

45 minutes - 3500*

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Oxygen Facial

Oxygen Facial is to parched skin what water is to thirst!

Exposure to the sun, the heat, and the pursuit of your lifestyle results in your skin becoming dry and parched. Rehydrating it is an essential task if you seek youthful-looking elastic skin that is glowing, and radiant. Just as water is essential to our life, rehydration is essential for your skin health.

60 minutes - 3750*

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Purity Facial

The ideal facial for both young and mature skin having easily irritable skin

Eighty-five percent of the adolescents and an increasing number of adults have oily skin with imperfections caused due to a number of reasons. The Purity Facial is created for such skin types – viz. those having dilated pores, shine, bumps, and blemishes etc. and works to rebalance sebum secretion, smoothen and even our skin texture guaranteeing a day-long shine-free complexion.

60 minutes - 3750*

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Senskin Facial

The ideal facial for reactive and sensitive skin

Not all skin is made alike – some people have sensitive skin that reacts to everyday stresses, irritation, and allergies that manifest as reddening of the skin, blemishes, rashes, flaking and sometimes even cracks. The Senskin Facial is specially created to deal with such skin and restore its original glory. It is recommended as a specific treatment for reactive, sensitive, and/or intolerant skin.

60 minutes - 4500*

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Whitess Facial

A face that reminds one of the beautiful full moon!

Since ages, romantics compared the face of their beloved to the full moon in all its glory. The Whitess Facial makes that real, through special treatments that impart gloss, sheen, and radiance to your facial skin. It has anti-ageing properties and gives your facial skin an appealing youthful and healthy appearance.

60 minutes - 4850*

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Lime Vitamin C Facial

Fight ageing and skin ageing with Lime Vitamin C Facial

Free radicals within or outside the body attack and oxides skin structures, and degrade their functioning. Their first impact is a reduction in skin tissue activity leading to the dull and ageing skin. The Lime Vitamin C Facial is a great way to combat free radicals and keep your skin young and delay signs of ageing.

75 minutes - 5950*

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Gold & Caviar Natural Lift

Nourish your skin to a fresh glow with DL Natural Lift

The Gold & Caviar Natural Lift is a great way to a fresh looking face and glowing skin. It is a double firming and lifting regimen that prevents signs of ageing by nourishing your skin. The Essential oils and Oligo minerals used in this treatment stimulates cell oxygenation and exercises an instant lifting effect on the skin.

60 minutes - 5950*

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DL Gold Stem Cell Facial

Experience the royal feeling and impact of a professional dermo-cosmetic treatment

For the connoisseurs of the fine things of life, here is a treatment that harks back to the opulence of the imperial age.

75 minutes - 6850*

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Diamond Facial

Get the forever-youthful face with Diamond and Caviar Facial

The Diamond and Caviar Facial is a luxurious and highly advanced facial treatment that uses a new cosmetic component - Diamond Powder that is combined with retinol and a group of anti ageing peptides to combat skin ageing.

75 minutes - 6850*

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Facial Accompaniments

For those who really care.Combine any of these services with your facial


Beauty is seldom restricted to the face…

Beauty is something that is reflected in every aspect and part of your body.

While the face is the first thing people notice, attention invariably veers to your back, your hands, feet, and your overall turnout.

Having your back complement your face in terms of skin tone, texture and colour will enhance your overall beauty quotient. 

30 minutes - 3000*

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Divine Eye care

Make your eyes captivating and alluring

The eyes while being the most attractive feature of your appearance are also the first to show signs of fatigue and tiredness. The gentle skin around your eyes requires special care to keep them looking fresh and youthful. The Divine Eye Care is a regimen that does just that.

30 minutes - 2000*

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Divine Hand care

Beauty in your hands

Hands are generally the dead give-away when it comes to revealing your biological age. The young and supple skin on your hands is a sign of youthfulness and is a much sought-after condition.

60 minutes - 3000*

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Divine Bosom care

Divine Bosom Care

In the aesthetic that deals with women’s beauty, the bosom has a status whose importance need not be reiterated. A woman’s bosom is a representation of her divine feminine nature and an inseparable aspect of her beauty. The Divine Bosom Care regimen is a mix of therapies that treat your skin from your chin to the base of your bosom, covering your entire décolleté.

45 minutes - 4500*

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Vitamin C Collagen Mask

The goodness of Vitamin C - the wonders of Collagen

Vitamin C is a vital ingredient of skin therapy as it helps produce collagen - which makes your skin look young and deters wrinkle formation. Vitamin C is good for helping age to fade and also sun spots. Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps fight free radicals that accelerate ageing and its symptoms.

20 minutes - 1500*

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Double Mask

An ideal complementary therapy with your facial

The Double Mask is a gel or crème-based mask that is applied to your face, as per our assessments of your skin needs. 

10 minutes - 600*

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Concentrated Professional Ampoules

Customised therapies as recommended by our aestheticians

Ampoules are a quick and effective way to replenish concentrated active ingredients for different types of skins. Our aestheticians study your skin and recommend professional ampoules, the application of which will result in marked improvement of your skin.


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Concentrated Diamond Caviar Serum

Reinforce the impact of your skin moisturising treatments

Diamond Caviar Concentrate is a super-hydrating, nutritive, firming, and rejuvenating concentrate. Ideal for dry and very dry skins, the concentrate contains a truly amazing 75% Caviar Extract and Diamond Powder and is the perfect way to reinforce your current moisturisers and treatments.


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