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If time is a constraint then embark on any of our express journeys which will help you refresh, relax, de-stress

Foot Reflexology

By stimulating reflex points on the foot, which are systematically linked to all parts of the body this therapeutic foot massage will help improve energy balance and enhance your sense of well-being. This holistic therapy assists in the re-balancing and harmonizing of the entire body and can be combined with any of our massage therapies and facials.

30 minutes - 1700

60 minutes - 2700

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Back & Shoulder massage

Much stress gathers in the regions of the neck, shoulders and upper back. With the application of our therapeutic massage techniques we will be focusing on key focal spots and in a minimum time release stress and restore renewed mobility in your back and shoulders.
You may also experience a skin care / facial.

45 minutes - 3000

75 minutes - 3850

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Divine Head Massage

Based on Indian Champi techniques this is a therapeutic head massage that is a deeply relaxing therapy for unwinding, and de-stressing. It can be combined with any of our other massage therapies to offer you total relaxation.

30 minutes - 1500

60 minutes - 2500

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High Heel rescue

Get the pep back in your step!
This therapy is for all you gorgeous women with achy feet, tired legs, ankles and calves due to wearing High heels. We will first soak your feet in a warm peppermint infused spa bath, following that we will Stretch and exercise your calf muscles and relax every part of your sore feet with our energizing foot massage. Wrapping your feet in warm booties completes this therapy.

60 minutes - 3000

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Myrah Express Journeys

If you have the desire to ‘Spa’ but where time is a constraint, embark on any of our Express Journeys! This is the best of what Myrah has to offer to refresh, relax, de-stress and leave you beaming with your ‘Royal Aura’ limited time!


  • Body Polish 30 mins
  • Asian Blend Massages - 85mins

120 minutes - 6165

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Absolute Aura Balance

  • Royal Aura Signature Massage - 85 mins
  • Express Facial - 30 mins

120 minutes - 6300

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Zen Bliss

  • Royal Back & Shoulder Massage 30 mins
  • Royal Spa Facial 55 mins
  • Royal Foot Reflexology 30 mins

120 minutes - 6705

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Tranquil State

  • Swedish Massage 55 mins
  • Royal Rose Body Envelopment 45 mins

120 minutes - 6875

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Myrah Oasis

  • Divine Collagen Eye Care 30mins
  • Rehydra /Balance Facial 60 mins
  • Divine Neck care 30 mins

120 minutes - 7965

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Myrah Getaways

Rest a while because you are too important to yourself! Surrender your cares to us and let us take you for a short ‘Spa Getaway’ in our Lounge!

Mind and sole

  • Divine Head massage 30 mins
  • Foot reflexology 30 mins

60 minutes - 2880

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Shut the World

  • Divine Gold Eye care 30 mins
  • Foot Reflexology 30 mins

60 minutes - 3870

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Lighten Up

  • Back & shoulder massage 30 mins
  • Divine Express Facial 30 mins
  • Royal Foot Reflexology 30 mins

60 minutes - 5130

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