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When time is the problem, Myrah Express Treatments are the solution!

Who said that going to a spa demands a whole lot of free time? At Myrah, we believe that the new generation with its continual pressure on time requires express indulgence and relaxation. Our Express journeys and experience are designed to cater to people who are short of time and in need of the relaxing, and rejuvenating spa experience.

Note: All Express Treatments of 30 min duration cannot be experienced on its own but  can be combined with massage or other treatments .

Foot Reflexology

Indulgence for the feet, wellbeing of your body!

The foot is known to be connected to various parts of the body, and a massage on the specific zones of the feet is known to improve the energy balance of the body and enhance your sense of wellbeing.

30 minutes - 1700*

60 minutes - 2700*

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Back & Shoulder massage

Quick relaxation of your stress spots

Much of the stress we accumulate during our workday accumulates and impacts our neck, shoulders and upper back. Massaging these parts of your body has the therapeutic impact of relieving stress, and restoring mobility and agility to your upper body.

45 minutes - 3000*

75 minutes - 3850*

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Divine Head Massage

Divine Head Massage

Based on the traditional Indian “Champi” techniques, this is a time-tested and proven way to de-stress, unwind and relax. The “champi” massage relieves built-up tension, realigns our energy, and enhances mobility.

60 minutes - 2700*

30 minutes - 1700*

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High Heel rescue

How to combine looking tall with feeling good!

High heels while giving you the added inches that enhance your personality, will also leave you with aches and pains, because it alters one’s natural posture and walks. Typically, wearing high heels for an expended period of time will result in aches in your feet, ankles, and calves.

60 minutes - 3000*

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Myrah Express Journeys

If you have the desire to ‘Spa’ but where time is a constraint, embark on any of our Express Journeys! This is the best of what Myrah has to offer to refresh, relax, de-stress and leave you beaming with your ‘Royal Aura’ limited time!

Melting Moments

Get more out of your every moment!

Melting Moments’ journey is a quick way to relieve, remedy, and realign your life from the stress, demands, and hectic lifestyle that your time demands of you. This combination regimen consists of a body polish, which prepares your body, and the Asian Blend Massage that combines the best of different systems and offers you complete, comprehensive and lasting relaxation and sensual experience. It is rejuvenating and relieves you of all the stress and energy blockages.

120 minutes - 6390*

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Absolute Aura Balance

Bring out the Royal Aura that lies within!

This is a combination therapy that includes a Massage and an Express Facial that will brighten your aura and bring to you that special internal glow of wellbeing.

120 minutes - 6750*

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Zen Bliss

Be in the moment of Zen Bliss

A Zen moment is a time when you are mindful and aware of the present. It comes after relieving yourself from stress, anxiety, frustration, and anger. It focusses on positive thoughts and actions and enables you to respond to life’s challenges in a positive manner.

120 minutes - 6705*

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Tranquil State

Let the sense of tranquillity envelop you

Tranquillity is a state that combines a fine sense of balance with a feeling of bliss. It is a time when you are at absolute peace, with yourself and the world around you. 

120 minutes - 6075*

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