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When time is the problem, Myrah Express Treatments are the solution!

Who said that going to a spa demands a whole lot of free time? At Myrah, we believe that the new generation with its continual pressure on time requires express indulgence and relaxation. Our Express journeys and experience are designed to cater to people who are short of time and in need of the relaxing, and rejuvenating spa experience.

Note: All Express Treatments of 15 min or 30 min duration cannot be experienced on its own but  can be combined with massage or other treatments .

Jacuzzi Therapy

This signature bath is designed to brighten your Royal Aura and bring to both of you that special internal glow of well-being, accompanied by a radiant and glowing appearance on the outside. The bath occurs in a luxurious Jacuzzi in a peaceful and Zen atmosphere with candles, soft music, and a platter of fruits. It will be 20 minutes of absolute indulgence and “alone” time. The bathing experience also includes a 10- minute scalp massage, and we serve fruits and refreshing coconut water.

30 minutes - 2790*

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Express Back & Shoulder Massage

Quick relaxation of your stress spots

Much of the stress we accumulate during our workday accumulates and impacts our neck, shoulders and upper back. Massaging these parts of your body has the therapeutic impact of relieving stress, and restoring mobility and agility to your upper body.

15 minutes - 1575*

30 minutes - 3310*

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Express Foot Reflexology

Indulgence for the feet, wellbeing of your body!

The foot is known to be connected to various parts of the body, and a massage on the specific zones of the feet is known to improve the energy balance of the body and enhance your sense of wellbeing.

30 minutes - 1890*

15 minutes - 1200*

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Mini Facial

What is the difference between Mini and Express Facial?

The Mini Facial is a clean-up of your facial skin wherein the main focusses is on exfoliation, steam treatment, and extraction.

30 minutes - 2790*

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Express Facial

The quick rejuvenator regimen for your facial skin

So you have had a stressful week and you have to meet someone important in the evening? Of course, meeting them with tired-looking skin is not done! What you need is a deep facial cleaning service that will perk up your skin, and bring the freshness, glow, and allure back in spades!

30 minutes - 2790*

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Express Face Massage

Look young and feel young with Face Massage

For most people, their facial skin is like a barometer of their age. With ageing, the skin cells and tissues undergo change, becoming asphyxiated, and resulting in wrinkles that are more pronounced and noticeable. The Face Massage uses special ingredients that increase cellular oxygenation and slowing down the ageing process. It literally “wakes up” the skin tissues, regenerates and energises the derma and slows down your biological age. The Facefence line of cosmetics that we use provides an integral approach to the ageing process based on analysis of mature skin needs and change.


15 minutes - 1050*

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Express Eye Care

Make your eyes captivating and alluring

The eyes while being the most attractive feature of your appearance are also the first to show signs of fatigue and tiredness. The gentle skin around your eyes requires special care to keep them looking fresh and youthful. The Express Eye Care is a regimen that does just that.

30 minutes - 2790*

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Vitamin C Collagen Mask

The goodness of Vitamin C Collagen Mask

Vitamin C is a vital ingredient of skin therapy as it helps produce collagen - which makes your skin look young and deters wrinkle formation. Vitamin C is good for helping age to fade and also sun spots. Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps fight free radicals that accelerate ageing and its symptoms.

20 minutes - 1890*

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Pre Natal Calming Ankle & Foot massage

Calming Ankle and Foot Massage

Pregnancy is a time when moms-to-be experience bloated feet and aches. Done correctly, foot massages for pregnant women deliver a great deal of physiological and psychological benefits. Our massage therapists are specially trained to offer these massages in a safe manner that maximises your wellbeing.

30 minutes - 2210*

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