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Experience Divine Wellness journeys with your significant other

As partners in a relationship, the causes of stress for each individual may be different. But, indulging in a de-stressing, and pleasurable journey together to reach a point of relaxed exaltation is something that will significantly enhance the feeling of togetherness.

At Myrah Spa, we have prepared several signature journeys for couples.

Come, indulge, and celebrate your being together!

Divine Wellness Journeys

If you love yourself, then indulge in more than one spa service to truly embark on a Wellness journey! And as discovering your soul is always a journey ……we invite you to surrender your selves to us, as we chalk for you your own divine spa journey. All guests embarking on our Divine journeys would be served a health platter of fruits and a calming beverage.

Royal Aura Journey

A three-stage journey towards a shared feeling of rejuvenation

The Myrah Royal Aura Journey is an intricately designed experience that will first prepare your body and rehydrate your skin, followed by a massage and a royal aura bath.

120 minutes - 11475

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The Divine Sports Rose Journey

If rose be the essence of love, inhale together!

The rose flower and its aroma have been the eternal symbol of love. It stimulates, energises, and infuses a sense of wellbeing and it has several therapeutic effects. Experiencing the Divine Rose Journey together is a reiteration of mutual love and a celebration of its manifold joys.

120 minutes - 13775

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Passionate Summer Indulgence

Raise your level of passion with the Summer Indulgence Journey

The Passionate Summer Indulgence experience uses fruit extracts and its properties to nourish, moisturise, and detox your skin, all the while providing both of you with an indulgent, relaxing and soothing experience.

120 minutes - 13175

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Extended Royal Aura Journey

For the couple seeking the Aura, even time extends itself…

When indulgence is on the cards, why play by the clock? The Extended Royal Aura Journey is one that is stretched in terms of time so as to satiate your body and its every aspect.

270 minutes - 30945

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Reconnect Journey

A sensual and refreshing shared experience that will reconnect you to your partner.

Shared feelings, experiences, and sensations are what establish strong bonds between couples. Celebrating this “sharing” is a Myrah experience that will renew the deep ties between you and your significant other.

180 minutes - 21165

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Lovers Mystical Journey

Fall in love once more – in the midst of the Lovers Mystical Journey

The journey is replete with things and experiences that will make you want to fall in love once again. It will arouse the passion, the sensations, and experience of your first “moment of love”. The experience is replete with Roses, Chocolate, Aromatic Candles and sensuous love ballads all used to seduce your senses, while our therapists skilfully pamper you. All the while you gaze lovingly into your lover's eyes as you lie on spa beds in close proximity to one another!

180 minutes - 22440

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Royal Wine Exuberance

Indulge in the heady seduction of the Royal Wine Exuberance

This journey is dedicated to the holistic, healing, skin nourishing and anti-ageing properties of grape and grape extracts. Besides, the luxurious aroma of grapes and wine will ultimately seduce your senses and elevate your soul to a divine Zen zone!

120 minutes - 15725

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