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Find the time, space to re-connect with a special people in your life with revitalizing journeys for couples.

Divine Wellness Journeys

If you love yourself, then indulge in more than one spa service to truly embark on a Wellness journey! And as discovering your soul is always a journey ……we invite you to surrender your selves to us, as we chalk for you your own divine spa journey. All guests embarking on our Divine journeys would be served a health platter of fruits and a calming beverage.

Royal Aura Journey

This journey will help you experience what Myrah is famous for caring, pampering and luxurious therapies that are an experience to remember in your limited time.
  • Royal Mandarin Polish 30 mins
  • Swedish Massage 55 mins
  • Royal Aura Bath 30 mins

120 minutes - 11050

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Divine Rose Journey

Divine Rose Journey
  • Divine Rose Polish - 30 mins
  • Divine Rose Swedish Massage - 60 mins
  • Divine Rose Bath - 30 mins

120 minutes - 12750

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Passionate Summer Indulgence

Natural Beauty,it's the most successful trend in wellness. Properties of food from the table to the skin to nourish moisturize and detox ,providing with a new amazing texture!
  • Body Scrub Satin 30 mins
  • Peach passion Fruit Swedish massage 55 mins
  • Red Wine Bath 30 mins

120 minutes - 13175

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Extended Royal Aura Journey

We believe that a Divine Wellness journey should extend long enough to expand your souls with its ‘Royal Aura’.
  • Rose Polish 30 mins
  • Divine Rose Swedish Massage 60 mins
  • Rose Body Envelopment 45 mins
  • Divine Rose Bath 30 mins
  • The Rehydra/ Balance Facial 60 mins
  • Royal Foot Reflexology 60 mins

300 minutes - 30520

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Re-connect journey

A beautiful journey to re-connect with your loved one and show them just how much you care…………….whilst our therapists pamper and spoil you with their love of holistic healing for you!
At the end of the journey sit with your loved one for a while to listen, talk…….while we serve you a love platter of fruits and a rejuvenating drink.
  • Warm Aromatic Candle Massage 60 mins
  • The Rehydra/Balance Facial 60 mins
  • Royal Foot Reflexology 60 mins
  • Divine Rose Bath 30 mins

210 minutes - 22440

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Lovers Mystical Journey

This is a journey to re-kindle, re-ignite and passionately engulf your being with romantic love for your lover.Roses, Chocolate, Aromatic Candles and sensuous love ballads all used to seduce your senses while our therapists skillfully pamper you, while you gaze lovingly into your lovers’ eyes as you lie on spa beds close to each other!

A love platter of cheese and chocolates served to you while you dip in the aromatic bath together completes this Mystical journey of love.

  • Sinful Choco Almond Body Polish 30 mins
  • Chocolate Aroma Massage 60 mins
  • Divine Mini Facial 30 mins
  • Royal Foot Reflexology 30 mins
  • Royal Aura Bath 30 mins

180 minutes - 22870

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Royal Wine Exuberance

This Journey is dedicated to the holistic, healing and anti-ageing properties of grape and grape extracts for nourishing your skin. Besides, the luxurious aroma of grapes and wine will ultimately seduce your senses and elevate your soul to a divine Zen zone! At the onset of this journey a grape and wine polish is gently massaged on to your skin to reveal an exfoliated and softer skin. A Warm and aromatic candle oil is then used to massage your body and de-stress you while deeply nourishing your skin.
Finally soak in a Wine bath and enjoy a platter of fruits, chocolate and a refreshing drink!!
  • Anti-oxidant Polish 30 min
  • Vinotherapy Candle oil Massage 60 min
  • Red Wine Bath 30 min

120 minutes - 15725

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