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An ideal ‘before the massage’ treatment for your body

It is like a facial for your whole body. Body treatments are an experience to revel in, with its alluring aroma, and the special body polishes that gently exfoliate your skin, promote cellular renovation, refine your pores, and give your skin uniform relief leaving it velvety and soft. It is a great way to prepare your body and skin for the massage as it promotes deeper penetrations of the therapy oils and creams, thus enhancing the therapeutic impact of your spa experience.

Body Polishes

Experience the rejuvenating feel of an Aloe and Herbal Scrub

This scrub at the Myrah Spa uses a combination of 65 known herbs that are known for their skin smoothening, rejuvenating and anti-ageing properties. They are

combined with Aloe extracts and used in a manner that will brighten your skin with youth and vitality.

Aloe and Herbal Scrub

What happens during an Aloe and Herbal Scrub?

You normally undress to your bikini or briefs and lie down on the table. The scrub is done with the help of a combination of Aloe and Herbal extracts with a soft and gentle motion, to gently exfoliate your skin and stimulate circulation. It is followed by a bath and application of a body lotion if one chooses to. It is a great preparatory treatment for a massage.

30 minutes - 2000*

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Relaxing Flower Scrub - Rose

Relax and let go with an indulgent, rose petal scrub

This scrub at Myrah Spa uses a combination of rose petals to treat your body. Rose is an eternal symbol of love and it is soft and gentle on your body while having anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. It is a great way to soothe and calm your body, and leave it feeling cool and fresh.

30 minutes - 2000*

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Rejuvenating Fruit Enzyme Scrub - Mandarin

Experience the refreshing power of Mandarin Scrub on your skin

Our fruit scrubs are made from natural & seasonal fruit enzymes that exfoliate the skin without harsh scrubbing. Enzyme peels are gentle exfoliators and will leave your skin noticeably smoother, softer, and rejuvenated after only one treatment.

30 minutes - 2000*

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Sinful Chocolate Almond Body Scrub

Experience the ‘sinsational’ delights of a Chocolate Almond Body Scrub

Experience the ultimate luxury and elevate your spirits with the aroma of chocolate, whilst a creamy chocolate and almond body polish effectively eliminate dead cells leaving your skin moisturised, revitalised and smelling sinfully Choco-Divine!

30 minutes - 2500*

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DL Elasticizing Scrub

Glow your way to a younger looking and feeling skin with DL Elasticising Scrub

DL Elasticising Scrub is truly a sought-after experience. It was created to renew skin tissues and to bring new radiance and elasticity to your skin and body. The scrub ingredients are infused with biological cane sugar in graded constant size granules, sheer butter, and precious exotic oils. These ingredients enable this luxurious scrub to deliver the most amazing finish leaving the skin feeling silky and conditioned.

30 minutes - 3000*

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Divine Wellness Envelopments

Envelop yourself in the wrap of goodness

The daily routine and grind of life results in our body losing vital minerals and nutritive elements. Our ‘Divine Wellness Envelopments is exceptionally beneficial as a quick way to re-mineralise the body, replenish it with nutrients and elements lost on a daily basis – thus boosting the moisture in your skin, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Divine Rose Envelopment

Indulge in the divine feeling of a Divine Rose Envelopment

The Divine Rose Envelopment offers twin benefits of being therapeutic as well as a sense of being rejuvenated. The Divine Rose Aromatic Envelopment contains different Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Hyaluronic Acid. These help in the peeling of dead cells and assists in the regeneration of new ones.

60 minutes - 4000*

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Chocolate Envelopment

Revel in the Chocolate Envelopment that delivers great therapeutic benefits

Your favourite bite of divine taste is also greatly beneficial for your skin. It is a sensory delight that will leave you feeling youthful and vital.

60 minutes - 4000*

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Caviar Body Envelopment

Lock-in the beauty benefits of Caviar

Extracts of Caviar have many benefits for the skin. It is a great way to nourish your skin, make it look supple and youthful and pampered.

60 minutes - 4200*

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Myrah Signature Envelopments

Combination of massage with the benefits of therapeutic envelopments

Our therapeutic yet comforting Signature Envelopment combines the benefits of our scrub, mask and pressure point massage of your head and face.

What happens during a Myrah Signature Envelopment?.

Each experience begins with a special exfoliating scrub to eliminate dead cells from the skin. This is followed by application of a body mask before envelopment in a thermal blanket. It ends with a pressure point massage of the head and face.

Benefits of a Myrah Signature Envelopment

Our Myrah Signature Envelopment will leave your body feeling totally replenished, refreshed, invigorated, and tingling with renewed energy.

Best use recommendation

The Myrah Signature Envelopment is definitely called for when just a scrub, a massage or envelopment will not be enough in itself. When you are tired of the race and its attendant stress, and yet need to continue with freshness and a renewed level of energy, the Myrah Signature Envelopment is the prescribed solution!

Hydrating Rose

Comfort, nourish and revive your body and spirit

The Hydrating Rose Envelopment draws upon the potent properties of different Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Hyaluronic Acids of the rose flower to help peel dead cells and help in the regeneration of new ones. It helps to calm the mind and deeply hydrate your skin giving it a more uniform and smooth tone. It is a definite mood enhancer.

90 minutes - 5400*

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Toning Chocolate

A therapeutic massage and envelopment that delivers multiple benefits

Our Toning Chocolate Envelopment draws upon the potent properties of cacao, vitamins, and essential amino acids amongst other extracts to combat free radical damage to the skin.

90 minutes - 5850*

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Age defying Caviar with Jasmine or Hibuscus

The youthful skin experience  

The skin expresses age by turning dry, scaly, and inelastic. Myrah Spa’s Caviar Envelopment draws upon the potent properties of caviar extract and mineral oil to moisturise and firm your skin. It helps to make your skin more youthful and supple. Jasmine or Hibiscus flowers are added to enhance the experience.

90 minutes - 6750*

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Silken Body Sheen

Revel in the Silken Body Sheen Envelopment

Feel and look like a real dazzling star with a Bronze and Caviar Body Sheen!

It enhances and adds silken sheen to your most alluring and attractive skin and makes you the embodiment of beauty.

90 minutes - 6950*

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Royal Baths

Redefining the Royal bathing experience

From time immemorial, bathing was a ritualistic indulgence that symbolised rejuvenation, cleansing, purification and much more. From the milk baths of Queen Cleopatra to the famed Roman baths, every culture has celebrated this simple but divine experience. Far from the curt and quick shower of the day, true bathing is a sensual, therapeutic, and indulgent experience that is the true elixir of life. Like life, water is yin and yang: When your body is submerged in water, you find true balance as water provides the equilibrium. At Myrah Spa, we have carefully chosen ingredients to enhance your Royal Spa Baths & all of them include a scalp massage whilst you are in the bath.

Divine Rose Bath

Experience the royal essence of Divine Rose Bath

Imagine sinking into the water that is scented with rose petals that caress your skin, and rejuvenate your body…

30 minutes - 2000*

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Green Tea and Jasmine Bath

Indulge in the perfect Herbal and Flower Bath

Amongst the many herbal baths, the Green Tea bath is certainly one of the highest ranking. The Green Tea Bath at Myrah Spa uses the essential goodness of Green Tea to give you a refreshing feling.

30 minutes - 2000*

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Vinotherapy Bath

Pamper yourself in a Vinotherapy Bath

A bath is a bath, but a Vinotherapy Bath is something different. This therapeutic, anti-oxidant bath not only helps you exfoliate but also detoxifies your body, while softening and repairing damaged skin. This is an indulgent and therapeutic mix that is highly beneficial to your body and skin while leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

30 minutes - 2000*

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