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Experience a multi action treatment & discover on your skin the 7benefits of this natural organic plant cannabis 

Cannabis is formulated with 97% ingredients of natural origin that Nourish - help restore the skin barrier, Hydrate - instantly & in a long lasting way , Soothes- eases reddens & irritated skin , Protects- Anti-oxidant effect against free radicles , Regenerates - stimulates cell renewal & provides a pleasant sensation Of comfort .

Cannabi 7 Facial

( 60 minutes )

What happens during an Cannabi7 Facial?

The Cannabi7 Facial includes a series of regimens including face cleansing, facial toning, exfoliation, steam/extraction, a functional mask – in this case, all ingredients are formulated 97% of natural plant cannabis pressure point massage, lymphatic drainage massage and a special stimulating massage.

Benefits of an Cannabi7 Facial

A multi action Facial treatments helps to Nourish , soothe & protect the skin against any aggression .

Best use recommendation

Its ultra light texture is perfect for normal or combination skin

*Plus GST 18% applicable