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Protects your skins Microbiota with the best anti-Pollution defence . 

The Biome care facial is formulated with specific active ingredients which act in 3 ways : to defend, to strengthen and to balance the complexion of the face .The Pre & Pro Biotic action is essential to keeping the skins microbiota in perfect balance and to strengthen the skins natural self- defence system

Biome Facial

( 60 minutes )

What happens during an Biome Facial?

The Multivit Facial includes a series of regimens including face cleansing, facial toning, exfoliation, steam/extraction, mask, pressure point massage, lymphatic drainage massage and a special stimulating massage.

Benefits of an Biome Facial

Protects the skin micro Microbiota with the best Anti -Pollution Defence

Best use recommendation

A detoxification action ideal of all skin types

*Plus GST 18% applicable