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Your first step towards your desired body contours

This treatment stimulates the metabolism, promotes lipolytic action on tissues, drains excess waste substances and finally, it delivers a slimming action with focussed effect on plump waists, legs and arms. It also reduces localised fat deposits, bloating and liquid retention, thanks to the synergy of precious Antarctic active ingredients released by innovative formula technologies.


( 90 minutes )

What happens during an Acqua Riducente Therapy Session

The therapy session begins with a 20-minute full body knuckling massage done with an active ingredient.

Your therapist will then apply the active ingredient and pack on the problem areas. The session ends with a shower and an application of lotion.

Benefits of Acqua Riducente Therapy

The therapy has a powerful cleansing and detoxification impact on the body and work towards eliminating fat deposits in significant spots where deposition occurs such as waist, legs, and arms. It is a vital step towards the Body Contour you desire.

Best use recommendation

This is a vital therapy in the Body Beautiful journey and is ideally recommended when you need to reduce the fat deposition in specific areas and need to contour your body.

*Plus GST 18% applicable