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A skin regimen for body modelling

The skin is the largest human organ and it is constantly exposed to forces that degrade it - both from the outside and the inside. Every human condition like pregnancy and every diet regimen cause manifold changes to the body and this reflects on your skin. The skin reacts by sagging, becoming loose or slack in general and this is an undesirable condition.

Every metabolic change in the body requires you to support your skin and treat, tone and sculpt it to shape. The Acqua Modellante Therapy does just that - toning your skin and tissues to keep it elastic and young looking.


( 90 minutes )

What happens during an Acqua Modellante Therapy Session?

The session begins with the application of the active ingredient on the affected areas, followed by application of a pack on the entire body. This is followed by a shower and ends with a 20-minute massage.

 Benefits of an Acqua Modellante Therapy Session

A well-toned skin and tissue is the best way to looking more youthful and active. The Acqua Modellante Session helps in toning and sculpting your skin and tissues and leaves your skin looking elastic and youthful.

 Best use recommendation

Every metabolic change, weight loss, weight gain, either through pregnancy or diet requires toning of your body and skin.

The Acqua Modellante Therapy is ideally suited for this purpose.

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