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Detoxification journey as a preparatory step

Skins of all ages tend to accumulate toxins that originate as metabolic waste or waste caused due to environmental agents or stress. The Acqua Detossinante Therapy works on your body and skin to awaken and detoxify it, as a preparatory step towards the further therapies involved in the journey towards your Body Beautiful.


( 90 minutes )

What happens during an Acqua Detossinante Therapy Session?

The therapy session begins with exfoliation of your skin for a duration of 20 minutes, followed by shower after which essential oil Yang+ is applied on the focussed areas.

A pack is then applied to the entire body and you are wrapped in a thermal blanket. You get a head massage during the wrap duration and then have another shower. It ends with a forearm draining massage with a Marine Massage Cream.

Benefits of Acqua Detossinante Session

Acqua Detossinante is a therapy that will thoroughly detoxify your skin, remove the results of environmental and stress-related damages to your skin and appearance and make your body and skin receptive for further therapies. It will leave you feeling more energetic and improve your quality of life.

Best use recommendation

While this is an essential part of the Body Beautiful Journey, it is also a great way to cleanse your body and skin of toxins periodically and emerge refreshed and awakened.

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