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The youthful skin experience  

The skin expresses age by turning dry, scaly, and inelastic. Myrah Spa’s Caviar Envelopment draws upon the potent properties of caviar extract and mineral oil to moisturise and firm your skin. It helps to make your skin more youthful and supple. Jasmine or Hibiscus flowers are added to enhance the experience.

Age defying Caviar with Jasmine or Hibuscus

( 90 minutes )

What happens during Caviar with Jasmine or Hibiscus Envelopment?

The Age-defying Caviar with Jasmine or Hibiscus Envelopment experience begins with a special therapeutic scrub that delivers the potent caviar extract with its mineral oils to thoroughly moisturise your skin. An invigorating shower follows this to help reveal fresh and radiant skin.

The heart of this treatment is a specially-formulated masque containing potent Caviar extracts supplemented with Jasmine or Hibiscus flowers, which is applied to the whole body. You are then cocooned to enhance the experience, and treated with a relaxing scalp and face pressure point massage.

Benefits of a Caviar with Jasmine or Hibiscus Envelopment

The envelopment with the powerful extracts of Caviar will make your skin supple and youthful. The Jasmine or Hibiscus petals will add to the good feeling and give you an age-defying look. Jasmine is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and Hibiscus is called the plant botox because of its ability to firm the skin.

Best use recommendation

This is a great way to keep your skin youthful and supple. It is indicated whenever your skin is feeling the impact of time, and when your skin could do with pampering and a therapeutic treatment.

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